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Music: Met Opera FAQs

Met Opera Student Access - FAQs

What's the difference between full access vs. student access?

In terms of the catalog (full-length performances available), the individual version and the licensed version of Met Opera on Demand are entirely identical. This has been true since Student Access was launched as an extension of the original service.  Student Access presents a slightly modified interface on the Met website that removes individual user functions like auto-resume (pick up where you last left off) and favorites bookmarking, because the Student Access users are all logging in to a single school account for their access (whereas all individual subscriptions are linked to unique records in our system, so there we can sync up User Ids with other data.) 

The biggest difference between the two versions is that Student Access only permits access to the content through the Met website, whereas individual subscribers can access the website plus four apps for popular TV and mobile platforms (iPad, Android, Roku, and Samsung.)  While Student Access users cannot access the apps, the redesigned website is fully accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices now too.

Can I view the Live performances from Met Opera Student Access?

No, at this time no live streaming is available through Met Opera on Demand.  During the Met season, anyone can listen (no video) to one free live stream of a performance on their website at  At this time, they have no plans to add live video streaming to any of their online offerings.

Can I use an app or TV platform to access Met Opera Student Access?

No. At this time, licensee users of Met Opera on Demand: Student Access can only use the service and access the content through the Met website—and not through any of the apps available for individual subscribers.  It’s essentially a limitation of the IP authentication methods being used to grant access through the website.  

Remember to access Met Opera on Demand - Student Access from the CMU Library website so the IP address is recognized both on and off campus. If you're off campus, you'll be taken to a screen to login with your Andrew username and password.