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LibAnswers Training Guide for UL Employees

This is a guide for how to use LibAnswers at the CMU University Libraries. The guide includes materials for learning about the system, and our policies for use.


What is a Queue?

The libraries currently have six queues. A queue is a channel and messages enter a queue via an online form or by sending/forwarding a message to the email address associated with the queue, for example: sending or forwarding a message to "" or filling out this form [link], would create a ticket in the 'Reference' queue.

Email Us queue: this is our basic Contact Us queue on the website. Managed by Access Services.

Reference queue: this is our reference queue for questions requiring reference help or purchase requests. Managed by RAS.

e-Resources queue: this is a queue to manage 'Report a Problem' tickets from the catalog and other issues with e-Resources. Managed by eResources Team.

Archives queue: this is a queue for inquiries related to archival and other unique content. Managed by the Archive.

Data Services queue: this is a queue for questions related to help with data, digital humanities, etc.... Managed by data people.

Learning to use Libanswers (training) queue: this is a queue for onboarding new LibAnswers users or testing new settings.

ReadMe files for each queue can be found here [coming soon!].