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LibAnswers Training Guide for UL Employees

This is a guide for how to use LibAnswers at the CMU University Libraries. The guide includes materials for learning about the system, and our policies for use.

Helpful Tools in Right Sidebar

Finally, along the right side of the ticket screen, there are a few tools to help you.

How tickets are created

Each queue has a form associated with it. Form for the Training queue:

Each queue has an email address associated with it. Email address for the Training Queue:

Manually Create Tickets
Log in to LibAnswers:
Click the drop down titled “Answers” in the top orange menu
Select “Create”
Select Training Queue
Fill in the details

A "Ticket" in Multiple Acts

This top section shows metadata about the ticket including its status, what queue it is currently in, who has claimed it, who asked the question and dates associated with the ticket.

Question and Response

Next is the area where you can see the actual question that was asked and any responses to the patron or internal notes.

Actions you can take on a Ticket

There are three actions you can take on a ticket. Create a reply to the patron, send an internal note to someone or assign/transfer the ticket to someone or another queue.

Bottom of the Ticket

At the bottom of the ticket are several mixed items. You can: attach files if needed to your replies or internal notes, CC other people on a message to keep them informed or bring them into the conversation, add questions to an FAQ page and add statistics about this question.