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LibAnswers Training Guide for UL Employees

This is a guide for how to use LibAnswers at the CMU University Libraries. The guide includes materials for learning about the system, and our policies for use.

Policies for Chat Service

The University Libraries Chat Service is staffed from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Representatives from Liaison Services and Access Services staff the service in 2-hour shifts. Each shift includes one representative from Liaison Services and one from Access Services.

General notes:

  • Off the week after Finals of each semester
  • Off during Interim periods
  • Off for all official University Holidays and the University Libraries’ Annual Retreat
  • Schedule starts the week before the semester starts for Fall and Spring
  • We DO staff chat during Fall Break, Spring Break, and Carnival


Fall Semester - last week of August until December

  • Labor Day - September - University Closed - NO CHAT
  • Fall Break - October - we DO staff chat during Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving - November - NO CHAT Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of that week


Holiday Break (Fall to Spring)

  • Last day of Fall Final exams until one week before the Spring Semester -  NO CHAT


Spring Semester - Mid January until Mid May

  • MLK Day - January - University Closed - NO CHAT
  • Spring Break - March - we DO staff chat during Spring Break
  • Carnival - April - we DO staff chat during Carnival


Interim (Spring and Summer)

  • From the last day of Spring Final exams until the first day of Summer 1 -  NO CHAT


Summer 1

  • Memorial Day - end of May -  - University Closed - NO CHAT
  • Juneteenth - mid June -  - University Closed - NO CHAT


Interim (Summer 1 and Summer 2)

  • From last day of Summer 1 Final Exams until the first day of Summer 2 - NO CHAT


Summer 2

  • July 4th - July - University Closed - NO CHAT (could be during Interim or Summer 2)
  • University Libraries Annual Retreat - Libraries Closed - NO CHAT (could be anytime during June or July)


Interim (Summer 2 and Fall)

  • Last day of Summer 2 Final exams until one week before the Fall Semester -  NO CHAT

Training Materials for LibChat

This section with have links to training materials for LibChat