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LibAnswers Training Guide for UL Employees

This is a guide for how to use LibAnswers at the CMU University Libraries. The guide includes materials for learning about the system, and our policies for use.

What is a View?

A view is what is shown to you in your dashboard.

There are five filters that determine what tickets you see by default in your dashboard. You can always filter tickets using the same filters in the Dashboard itself at any time. The easiest way to get back to your Default View is to click on the Dashboard button in the top Ribbon. 

Source: how was the ticket entered into the system (e.g., web form, manual entry)

Status: has the ticket been answered or is it new? (e.g., new, open, pending, closed, not closed)

Owner: if claimed, the person who is responsible for the ticket.

Queue: channels in which people can submit questions (e.g., Email Us, Reference)

Tag: user defined categories or notations assigned to individual tickets (e.g., "post covid follow up")

Selections can be made for all of these filters and what results is a "View". A sample view is tickets from ANY source, that are NOT CLOSED, owned by ANYONE, only tickets meeting these criteria in the REFERENCE queue and with ANY Tag. Views can be created by anyone and made available to one queue, the whole system or kept private.


When you log into LibApps, and navigate to LibAnswers, or get to LibAnswers using a link or bookmark, it takes you to the "Dashboard". VERY IMPORTANT, you must regularly refresh your dashboard to see new tickets or any updates, IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE. So before you take any action on a ticket, please refresh your dashboard by clicking on Dashboard in the top ribbon.

Screenshot of the Dashboard


How do I access my 'Default View'?

You can access available "Views" and "Your Default View" from your LibAnswers account profile. You access this by clicking on your email address in the top right hand corner of the screen, when you are logged into LibAnswers.

Once in your account view, scroll down to "Default Dashboard View" and click the drop down, you will see some options like the image below. If you choose the View labeled Default, it will show you ALL NEW, OPEN tickets for ALL Queues that you have access to. We recommend that you choose a specific view for your Dashboard.