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English: 76-10X Series (First-Year Writing): <3 N Work Self N Writing

This guide contains a series of guides designed to help students enrolled in the 76-10X series complete their assignment according to the BEAM framework.

Locating Sources

Background Sources: To search for these sources, it's best to look for specific types of sources like encyclopedias, manuals, or even books.
For example, I might try to use Advanced Search to look in our library catalog by looking for:
[subject] contains Gothic.  
You can use the other fields to look for any aspect of Writing: bias, subjectivity, belonging, intersectionality, intertextuality, etc.) and combine it with other terms that can be broader or narrower, like Women Writers, LatinX, etc.

Here are some results worth looking at:


Also,  consider these online reference collections:


Exhibit, Argument, & Method Sources:
Similarly, you can use search terms to locate articles and sources on dreams (Subject searches) with various concepts (Keyword searches) or specific aspects (material types such as reports, cases, populations, geographic locations, demographics, etc.).
Here are some of the core databases you can search for information on Technology:

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